TThe concept 581C featured is the first M1 car model to be developed for international car market. ZEV Motors LTD has been developing electric cars and light vehicles for the Baltic region from 2007. Products developed include: electric L7E roadster ZEV Seven, electric L6E child car and electric L2E scooter. Besides own product development the company has been building electric car conversions for Estonian market.  

Past sales of electric vehicles: 

  • 3 produced models –
    ZEV Seven; ZEV Smiley, ZEV Elve
  • 3 electric conversions –
    Dacia Sandero, VW Golf, GAZ Pobeda
  • 20 scooters and miniature jeeps
  • 1 Model in pipeline – T-Rex

The selection of past models and future models aimed for the mass market can be visible at